vendredi 6 février 2009

Lettre à des immortels contemporains

My fellow Cainites.

Afoot are things great. & soon to come are dangers untold.
It sense but speak them barely dare I.
& suffer shall we.

I hereby solemnly prescribe that every single one of you, me, & any one thereby inherently non-exclusively includ'd, settle down in a fair conference of fates. Petty bickering, inward contention & ourselves-among scheming must end.

Let us forget neither now nor enduringly, that of a greater whole part we are, & that although many an organism, some cancer wherewith, hath been oblig'd to forfeit part of itself, up to one of several limbs, so it couldeth ensure its purposeful perpetuity ; remember ourselves, & others remember make shall we, that we were, are & will be, more than mere limbs. Akin are we to psyche ; akin are we to ossein, akin are we to cerebrum. & that kinship by virtue of, we shall safeguard of our greater body & mind the continuance.

The conclave will take place in three of our consecrated twilights, at the salon where the as-of-yet Most Respectable designat'd as its dwelling.

Whereas each single one of us hath a fragment to enact, declare I mine part to be that of oculi, acumen & calling. I shall chaperon the deeds of our excellent company & ordain what needeth commanding. Thus spake I.

I decree, my fellows, that we decide of one accountable for hegemony upon a number of Ritae we all shall undergo prior to any further colloquy. I advance, for this deed, honorable Count Van Helsing ; for I trust that his lineage's heritage and culture of things ritualistic will inevitably shepherd him and us all inthrough fair furrows that shan't blunderlingly fail in properly testing our resilience & devotion to the ideal that all we serve. Thus spake I, & any a malcontent should & must feel the urge to voice so loudly & forthwith, elseways let him know that must his word on the matter remain ignor'd until otherwise appris'd.

Let it furthermore be known on this very day, that the Sabbat of New York City politely forfeiteth itoneself to a new foundation, morrow and encephalon.

And that concomitant to such wall newly erected, it shalleth stand fierce until indisputable victorious ascendency.

Yours truly albeit still mine,

Dominic Silanius

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  1. Ceci est une copie d'une lettre, de la part d'un personnage dans une chronique de Vampire : The Masquerade à la quelle je participe.

    Dans cette chronique, les quatre joueurs incarnent quatre Cardinaux de la Sabbat qui ont pour dessein de faire la guerre à autant d'Archontes de la Camarilla dans les rues de la belle New York.

    Cette lettre est un cri de ralliement, et je l'ai retranscrite par pur égoïsme, parce que sa formulation me plaît et j'en suis fier.